Test Results

Blood Tests

As part of your care, your doctor or nurse, may require you to have a blood test and will give you a form which specifies the tests to be performed. This should be taken to the reception team who will book an appointment for you.

Your test will be booked with our Health Care Assistant or Phlebotomist between Monday to Friday, up until 15:00. You may be asked to fast for your blood test by the doctor. If this is the case then you must abstain from all food products for a minimum of 10 hours before the test. You can have water and any of your normal medications - but that is all.

image of blood samples


It is your responsibility to check the results of your tests. We strongly advise you check your results after any investigation, including blood tests, X-rays or ultrasound, or see your doctor where this has been advised.

Please phone the centre after 2.00pm for results. Please note that the receptionist can only give results to patients once the doctor has checked the result and given authorisation. In most cases please allow 7 working days for results to be received from the hospital. If a doctor feels it is necessary we will contact you directly.

To avoid errors the receptionists are not authorised to comment on your results beyond “normal” or “see the doctor” and cannot give you the actual numerical value of a test. We are happy to provide you with paper copies of results, at a nominal fee.

In order to maintain patient confidentiality, results can only be given to the patient themselves, unless they are under the age of 16 years, or prior arrangements have been made.