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New Patient Registration

Welcome to The Pinn Medical Centre. We are pleased to welcome new patients to the practice.

All new patients are offered a health check with a member of the healthcare team to ensure that any required tests are up to date and that we have an accurate note of any repeat medication you may be taking. Medical treatment is available from the date of registration.

When you register with the practice you may be asked to provide some form of identification, and the details of your previous GP surgery. It helps us to help you if you can try to see the same doctor for the same problem. We understand that this may not always be possible, but it can help to ensure continuity of care.

Patients are advised to fill online registration forms only for permanent registration.

How To Register?

To register as a new patient at the practice. Please follow the registration process below.

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Check you live within the boundary area

Anyone can join our practice regardless of where you live. If you live within our catchment area, you will be registered as a regular patient.

If you live outside our catchment area - you may be able to register here as an Out-of-Area patient, which means there will be some restrictions to certain services we can provide to you.

Please use your postcode to check you live within our boundary

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Complete Our Patient Registration Forms

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Temporary Registration

If you wish to register as a temporary resident please complete this form

Temporary Registration Form

Change of Details

Please inform us immediately if any of your details change, i.e. address/name/telephone/mobile number.  It is essential that our records are kept up to date in order to provide you with the best service. You must change your details at reception or via our secure online form below and bring some proof of your new address.

Update My Details

Your Named GP

Over recent years the Government has been introducing named GPs for patients; this was introduced first for vulnerable patients and then last year for all patients over the age of 75. This year the government has extended this to all patients having a named GP. 

The named accountable GP will take lead responsibility for their patient and work with the relevant associated health and social care professionals to deliver a multi –disciplinary care package that meets the need of the patient. However a named GP will only get involved in your care if you have a spell of acute care that requires co-ordination between different agencies. This typically follows a time in hospital when a patient may need greater support.

Of course no doctor provides clinics all day, every day but we do have a range of GP’s providing routine and emergency appointments seven days a week.

Any patient registering with the Pinn Medical Centre is now allocated a named GP and those patients that have been with the practice for many years will have a named GP based on the doctor you most frequently see. Many patients have not seen a GP in the last few years and those have been allocated a doctor.

There will be no change in the service; patients will be able to see any doctor in the surgery. If you need to be seen today then a doctor will see you but we can’t say which doctor and you may well have to wait for a while.

If you wish to know who your named GP is then please ask at reception. If you have a preference for a specific GP then we will do what we can to accommodate your request but please note that the Partners are not taking any more patients onto their lists at present. Our GP's work in clinical teams so if your GP is away then you can always ask to see one of the other GP's in their team.

Safe Surgeries logo Safe

We are proud to be a ‘Safe Surgery’ for everyone in our community.

Everyone in the UK has the right to free care from a GP. If you don’t have proof of ID or address, you can still register.

Immigration status or nationality don’t matter - reception won’t ask for immigration documents and won’t share your information with the Home Office unless serious crime is involved.