Practice Charter

The Doctors' Responsibilities

  • You will be treated as an individual, in a courteous manner, and will be respected at all times.
  • You have the right to be confidentiality in respect of your health needs.  
  • Respect for religious and cultural beliefs will be honoured. 
  • You have the right to request a chaperone to be present during an examination. If you would like one please ask the doctor or nurse.
  • You have a right to information about your own health - illness and treatment, possible side effects, prevention or recurring illness etc.
  • We will offer medical advice and information for promotion of good health. 
  • You have the right to see your own medical records subject to the limitations of the law. 
  • On registering as a new patient, you will be offered a health check with the nurse.
  • If your doctor believes you need a second opinion, then they will arrange this.
  • You will be given a time to see a doctor in accordance with the system used in this practice.  If there is a substantial delay for any reason, you will be given an explanation.
  • Routine referral letters for hospital appointments will normally be dispatched within two working days of the referral being agreed with the doctor. 
  • Urgent referrals for hospital appointments may be faxed, telephoned or handwritten for a patient to take to hospital.

Your Responsibilities As A Patient

  • We ask that you treat all practice staff and fellow patients with courtesy and respect.
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment, which is for one person only.
  • If you need an appointment for another member of the family please inform reception.
  • You are responsible for your own health and that of your children.
  • Please take the advice given to you at the practice.
  • Let us know immediately if you change your address or name and remember to give your phone number and postcode.
  • Please attend Accident & Emergency when it is truly an emergency. Your centre has most of the facilities and will provide better care for non emergency situations.
  • Please read the entire practice booklet to get the best out of the services available.
  • You can discuss any medical matter with the doctor, including asking for a second opinion.
  • Where an appointment or acknowledgement of a routine referral for a hospital appointment is not received within three weeks, contact the hospital concerned.